True Caribbean Cleaners

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February 4, 2014

Hello Everyone ,

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Getting to know us

True Caribbean Cleaners is a family owned business. The owner Monique is from a small caribbean country, call St.Vincent and the Grenadines, she is the Mother of 4 children.

Growing up in the caribbean, cleaning was a family affair especially on saturdays, it was customary that all house hold in the villages will find themselves cleaning,

this cleaning usually takes all day and it entails a very deep detailed cleaning, that will include doing Laundry by hand for an enitre family to "sweeping" the yard.

It was during that time that Monique realized that cleaning relaxes her and she really enjoys the rituals of cleaning, the smell of clorox and other products, she loved to get fresh cut flowers and create her "master piece.

She loved re-arranging the furnitures, which drove her mom crazy but allowed her to expeirment with their home

As the family migrated to America and Monique became a mom, her goal was to incorporate her passion and still be flexible to be "involved" in her childrens lives

Her goal was to established a business that will give her the freedom to be a "full-time" mom

Nicole's Nursery (a licensed family day-care)  was created and later will established Nicole's Incorporated. as her kids grew older, she and her family decided that they will create a "family" business and Hence True Caribbean Cleaners  was born.

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Simple Eco-Friendly Products

More and more companies are making Eco-friendly Products, how-ever some of the most effective "green" products are in your cabinets already.

10 ways for Baking Soda
1- unclog and deodorized drains- pour a cup of baking soda in the drain, leave for 30 mins add vinegar ( vinegar can be heated) and flushed with hot water
2- mix with your deodorant to absolve odor.
3- as a scrubber for bathrooms especially to remove grout
4- as a tooth paste and whitener
5- carper freshener
6- clean jewelry
8- remove marks of wall and counters
9- remove build up out of hair
10- laundry aid,